We’ve teamed up with the folks at Phil(anthropy) to help support our new Adopt A Match Program.  We’d love to tell you ore about them, and as always would love your support in spreading the word to gain support!


PHIL was created to improve the donor experience, increase community awareness and engagement, and provide local nonprofits an easy to use platform that will allow them to focus their attention and resources towards their vision.

At PHIL, we believe:

  1. PHIL(anthropy) is for everyone. We get it; your life is crazy! Be it family and friends, a demanding career, thrilling hobbies, or all the above, we know you have a lot on your mind and on your calendar. PHIL intends to make philanthropy more accessible to you by being on your smartphone and delivering a curated ASKfeed specific to your interests and your area.
  2. Informed people are more committed and engaged citizens. By taking a few minutes each week to check your ASKfeed, you can stay informed and make a difference in your community.
  3. Transparency leads to trust and trust leads to solutions. All of our partner nonprofits are committed to standards of transparency and integrity. PHIL helps by sharing projects each nonprofit needs support with. In addition, nonprofits give you updates so you can see your contributions in action.
  4. Generosity should be a habit and a lifestyle, not an event or season. At PHIL we love galas and days of giving, but we know philanthropy is more ful(phil)ing when you make it a lifestyle.
  5. Giving benefits everyone. There are countless happiness studies and many have the recurring theme of how giving money to those in need is one of the greatest sources of happiness. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and give it a try.
  6. Community issues are best addressed by local organizations and citizens. And that’s what PHIL is all about! It’s more than just crowdfunding! It’s about creating a local conversation, expanding awareness, and finding solutions as a community.

PHIL was started by three Montana women. While diverse in their backgrounds, the founders had two critical common traits: a desire to know more about their community and the ability to give more.

PHIL allows local nonprofits to connect with community members with immediate fundraising needs no matter how large or small the project. PHIL provides an avenue for nonprofits to showcase their needs in small portions to allow PHILrs (me and you!) to see our donations (no matter their size) at work; adding up to solve community problems. Through PHIL, we see how when we come together in our communities as PHILrs, we become part of the solution and share in the celebration!

PHIL is for-cause and for-profit.  Ten percent of profits are donated to partner nonprofits and the majority of profits are dedicated to new features and new opportunities to the PHILrs who donate with PHIL.


Match a Senior with a Community Volunteer for one year!