We are excited to share that one of our volunteers, Brittany Eilers, will be receiving the Bozeman Chronicle’s 20 Under 40 Award! We got the pleasure to write her a letter of recommendation for the award. This is what we shared:

 Brittany first applied to become a volunteer with Befrienders in January of 2015. Within two months of applying, we found a great opportunity to “match” Brittany with a senior named Oliver. Brittany’s passion was reading and Oliver’s favorite hobby was reading, but his sight no longer gave him that ability. Who knew that such a genuine relationship would form through the love of books.
For the next four years, Brittany spent time almost every Friday enjoying her new routine, reading with Oliver. Before they could dive into their newest book, Brittany and Oliver would read the Gettysburg Address, which Oliver felt was, “the greatest piece of writing in the English Language.” The last count we have on file, was they had read over 6 books together, but I am sure that number is even higher.
A staff person in the community Oliver lived in once shared that, “Brittany provided an outlook each week for Oliver to stay active and doing something that means the world to him. He anxiously awaits her visits each week.” Another staff person shared, “Brittany’s fabulous. Oliver used to read 10 books a month and now that Brittany is here, he gets that joy again.”
Unfortunately, Oliver passed away this December, but at Befrienders we know that her weekly visits were a bright spot in Oliver’s week. Brittany is the ideal volunteer for Befrienders because of her caring, compassionate, and committed demeanor. It takes a lot to commit to a program like Befrienders, but Brittany did it for four years and literally changed a life because of her impact. We can’t thank her enough for her dedication to our community.