Dawn S. Tarabochia, PhD is an Associate Professor at Montana State University. She graduated with her doctoral degree from the University of Utah in Health Education and Health Promotion and a Graduate Certificate of Gerontology. Her research interests include well-being throughout the lifespan, with a focus on issues impacting older adults. Dawn began serving on community boards in 2010 and has served in a variety of capacities including public relations chair, vice president, and president.
Nicole Wanago is the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Teacher Educator at Montana State University. Throughout Nicole’s professional career, improving the well-being of individuals, families and communities has been her focus.  While at the University of Arizona, Nicole directed the Take Charge Today (TCT) program.  During Nicole’s time, the TCT program was recognized by the United States Treasury as one of the top five financial education curricula available.  Nicole has also been actively involved with Career and Technical Student Organizations while serving as the director of the Montana Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.  Nicole’s current interests at Montana State University focus upon recruitment and retention of Family and Consumer Sciences teachers and development of career-ready skills in young adults.